My First Home

My First Home
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Big Adventure

I probably shouldn't have gone into town after work last night but there were a few things I wanted to do. When I decided to leave to come home I had a little bit of difficulty. The city had been hit by flash flooding and every road I tried to get onto to get out of the city was flooded and police were there turning people around. When the radio said that the Monash freeway was closed at Toorak Road and that it was down to one lane at Jacksons Rd I decided to take the Eastern Freeway and join the Monash at East link.

Things seemed to be working out well for me until I got to Thompson's road which is the road my estate is on. The corner was flooded so I turned back, drove through a bit of water and then onto Glasscocks Rd. All seemed well until I got to the roundabout at William Thwaites Blvd and Mountain View Blvd. Water across one side of the road and running fast and deep.

I was anxious to get home so did one of a number of illegal turns I did last night and drove down the opposite side of the Road.

This morning I took a bit of a drive around the estate to see how things were looking and below is what I found. It seems that there is a dam at the Market Gardeners and it burst last night. That is what I was told by my SS who was out taking photos of his builds.

Just a heads up for anyone going down to the estate today to check your house. I picked a number of pieces of wood up off the road that were full of nails. Watch yourself when driving through the water as you don't know what has swept up of the building sites. Also take note of the large rocks on Mountain View Blvd, who knows how many may be in the water.

If walking by foot try to walk on the road or the footpath. The ground is like quick sand in some places and you may sink to your calves like I did.

Above: Driving along Chantenay, the debris across the road are vegetables washed down from the market garden. Very little flooding along this street. May have been different last night. The roundabout it the end is under a little water on the other side.

Below: Water running out from the market garden on to William Thwaites Blvd. Some of the houses along here had silt and vegetables washed up their driveways.

Below: Mountain View Blvd, this is down near Burford Way.

Below: Mountainview Blvd near Evesham corner. Both sides of the boulevard are flooded here. This is what I drove through last night.

Left: Mountainview again

Above: Again this is Mountainview Blvd near Burford again.

Above: William Thwaites Blvd

Below: William Thwaites Blvd. Look at the fencing and you will see where the water came up to last night.


  1. Any idea of how my house looks Kylie?? Especially the backyard and down the LHS of the house? Im thinking of taking the 1hr drive down after work. Would i be able to get into the estate if i have a lowered car??

  2. Great pics Ky...but totally unbelievable!
    Time for the market gardens to go???

  3. Well Done Kylie. Last night we drove wrong way down Mountainview turning into Eversham where most people currently would head to their homes. Unbelievable sight. What about the washed up builders bins - gives an insight to how strong the water was flowing.

  4. Jay there is no water around your house at all. If you want to get into the estate come via Glasscocks Rd entrance and you will have no problem. Most of the water had gone now it is just the front of the estate. Do t go down Mountainview Blvd

  5. Jay. I hope you don't mind I am at your house now. A little dirt has washed down onto the footpath anther there is a little water around. I have taken photos for you and if you like I will email them to you. Send me' yr email via forum.

  6. Mountainview? :0 Should be Waterview....