My First Home

My First Home
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I can smell a start date coming on.

We're getting close. Have been told that I should have a site start date by end of next week. About time!

Final plans were signed off on last week, got an email on Friday saying that building permit had been applied for however before it could be approved I needed to pay a Community Infrastructure Levy to Council and asking could I go down and do this asap. Hop in the car, take the 30 minute drive down to The Casey Civic Centre to pay this only to be told that the Developer paid this back in March!!! Was I Angry? You betcha! Look at another email that came in from my CSC saying that they need a copy of the receipt from the Cardinia City Council - I call her and leave a message (because I can never reach her on the telephone) telling her that I am not building in the City of Cardinia but in the City of Casey, adding that I hope they have not put my plans in to the wrong Shire as I don't want any more hold ups. I later receive another email from her apologising for this and that she was given the wrong information, hmmm.

According to the contract once this building permit has been obtained they have 21 days to start the build so hopefully it won't be too far away.

After looking over the final plans I noticed that the measurements for the driveway have decreased by 6 square metres. I queried if I would be getting a credit back and was advised that it would be looked into. Later in the day I got an email to say there would be a $712.00 credit back so at least there was something to be happy about.

While down at Cranbourne yesterday I took a little drive down to the estate to see what's been happening since I was last there. My block now has the water taps connected (I received my second water bill this week). There are now three houses in my street which have their frames up. There would easily be around 100 builds started now and it is really looking great. I have also had the opportunity to speak to a few of my neighbours through the 'Home One' forum and am so happy to know that I will be sharing the neighbourhood with some lovely people. It has reinforced my belief that I have chosen the right estate to build in.

Hopefully next week I will be able to post the news that I have a site date. Until then I hope you all have a lovely week.

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