My First Home

My First Home
Santorini 26 by Metricon

Friday, June 25, 2010

Official Site Start

Could it be that things are finally happening? I just received an email from my new Customer Service coordinator Nicole advising that the site will be scraped on 30 June so perhaps with good luck (something I have not known for quite a long time) I will be in my house by Christmas!!!!!

Last week I received the permits in the mail along with the Energy Rating report. I am happy to say that out of a possible 7 star rating my house received 6 1/2 stars (I wonder what I would have had to do to get that extra half a star).

This makes me very happy as I believe the house I am living in now would not even rate a 2. There is no insulation in half of the house and I have been without heat for over a week. Got it back on Friday only to come home on Saturday to find flames coming out of the bottom of the heater. Called the Land Lord who had someone out Wednesday to look at it. Seems the ignition on the pilot light had started a fire and has gone to god. Pilot light is still working but if it goes out (which it has done twice) I have to pull the front of the heater off and light it with a match. Oh I cannot wait until I have central heating.

Took a trip on the weekend down to Lara to the new
Santorini display home which has recently opened up. This one had the Great Outdoor room instead of the rumpus room. Very nice but I still like my rumpus room. The en suite was a little different to mine and the master bedroom seemed a little smaller than some of the others I have seen however this could just be an illusion from the colours used as it had the extension. I am so glad that I went for the extension of the Master and en suite as I have a huge bed and I want plenty of room to move around. I don't think I would have had this if I had not had the extra extension.

Have a question for some of you who are building. Are you having eaves? I have noticed so many new houses do not have eaves. I have chosen to have them as I have spoken to quite a few people who do not have them and they have said that if they had their time over again they would as they offer protection from the Sun, hail and rain. What do you think?

Anyway I am off to clean out a Garage that is full of 60 years of my Father's tools and other junk. If I'm lucky I may be out by dinner time.


  1. Hi Ky,

    As a fellow Avenue@Casey girl, I've been checking out your blog for weeks - and yea on the site start!

    We've decided to have eaves, firstly coz we think it balances the look of he house - makes it look "finished". And secondly because they do add a fair bit of extra protection.

    The home you've chosen is BEAUTIFUL, I would have been tickled pink if I had that for a first home. I hope you enjoy every minute in it, and the build process itself.

    Take care!

  2. We dont have eaves on our, but yes they do help out a bit.

  3. WooHoo Kylie, at last, some action for you.
    It seems that all new houses don't have eaves these days, its adds to the total squarage, therefore the cost as well. Roll on next week!

  4. Sounds like its really moveing now kylie. Yes i would go the eve option we have them and its better all around the house if you can.
    Have a good week roll on the 30th June!! :)