My First Home

My First Home
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Your lesson for today

Always check, check and triple check, don't take anything for granted.

I guess alarm bells should have rung when I had my tile selection appointment and the girl asked what tiles I wanted for my kitchen splashback. I told her that I am having a glass splashback as per my contract (which I had with me at the time). She said she had not been advised of this but would check this out before sending me the final paperwork.

We get on to the bathroom and pick the tiles for the floor which I say I will have run through to the shower base (an upgrade I chose at my Studio M selection appointment).

Yesterday in the mail I get my tile selection to sign off on. Wall tile, check. Floor tile, check. Border tile, check. Feature tile, check. Shower base, blank!

Hang on what is this?

Call tile company, no mention of shower base in the documentation they received. Why am I not surprised?

Call CSC, of course cannot get in contact with her. Leave a message and email regarding this and the fact that my Finance provider will not send out Signed contracts until I submit plans approved by council which she will not submit until she has Signed contracts from my loan provider!!!

No answer that afternoon. Leave another message for her to call me this morning. Yet again no answer. Call the builders reception to get the name of who I need to complain to about all of the problems I have encountered thus far (there are more than 10) and am told that they all left this morning at 08:30am for a full day of training.....Well I hope the training works because they are totally incompetent at the moment.

Do I sound like I am angry? To be honest I am just getting fed up, I know that this sounds very minor but I have had so many small problems that really should not have happened if people were organised and did their job properly. All these small problems and disorganisation keep delaying my start date which in turn is costing me money.

I know everyone says that building is a nightmare but surely there are some people who have had positive experiences? I know there are....I've spoken to them.

I guess I shouldn't complain. When I read on the home one site what some people are going through with their bricks being poorly laid or breaking I should not be complaining about my problems.

On a happier note (always finish on a happy note) I have received the name of my Site Manager and by all reports he is a really good Manager (Kylie does a happy dance). So maybe when I get to building, things will swing my way.


  1. I'll also give you another tip or lesson i have learnt. Make sure you get a Independant building inspector to look over all the stages of your home.

  2. Yes Jay I have been advised by several people to do this. Will most certainly take your advice.

  3. After seeing what they were going to do with ours, it is money well spent.