My First Home

My First Home
Santorini 26 by Metricon

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brick Work Begun

Today is officially day 53 of the build and around 1/3 or the brickwork is complete.

I must say (although I don't know too much about bricking) that the brickie does a very neat job compared to some I have seen although he has left a lot of broken bricks around the yard. I'm not complaining as he's the one that has to work in the mess.

One half of the back of the house, and all the whole of the south facing side has been done up to about 5 feet. There is very little brickwork to be done at the front, just below the windows and the pillars of the front porch along with the front of the Garage.

The progress chart on myMetricon says that they expect lock-up on 28 August which is next Saturday. This is too good to be true, at this rate I could really be in before Christmas. I just don't want to get too excited as I don't want to jinx myself.

Rob my SS works on two week blocks and says he does not look ahead any further than that. This is not good for a Sagittarius who likes to be organised and organise everyone else - heck I'm organising next Christmas before this Christmas arrives. I've just got to take a step back and have patience.

I have 9 weeks before I have to be out of the house I am living in at the moment. I am surrounded by packing boxes and garbage bags sorting through what I'm taking with me and what I will throw away (fun times).

Anyway below are some photos for you to look over.

There are now quite a few houses springing up in my street and looking around I think there is one couple who have moved into the Estate and another who are just about ready too.

This photo is just for Janine, Amanda, Leanne and Barbi. This is the scrap booking room - lot of late nights to be had in here girls and plenty of room for guest scrappers lol, oh and it is a kid and husband free good is that?!?!


  1. Ooh love the scrapping room Kylie, I have my cutting mat, knife and lots of embellishments poised ready to go - say the word. Hopefully will catch up with you next weekend.

  2. Gee, can Kylee join you to as well, shes into all that stuff.

    House looks really good Kylie, went past it today and had a squiz. Like the colour of the bricks. Did you put brick infills over your windows as well??

    I dont know if it is the light or whether or not the bricks haven't been acid washed yet, but it looks like there are darker bricks in certain patches. (ie, rear corner of alfresco towards bottom under tap).

  3. Oh I can see there are going to be a few late scrapping nights. Janine we may have to start a regular Avenue scrap night.

    Jay I didn't do the brick infills and wish now that I had. It all comes down to budget at the time and worrying that you are going to go over. The bricks have not been washed yet, I presume they do that at the end. Cement had not cured and still looked wet when I was there.

  4. Your right i think they stung us about 2500 to have the infills over the windows and garages and thats for hebel. They dont even need to put up lentils. But is something that i thought would look better than cement sheeting.
    You could always later on put up that fake weatherboard stuff above it if you dont like the look.