My First Home

My First Home
Santorini 26 by Metricon

Monday, August 2, 2010

Frame Update

Spoke to my Site Supervisor this afternoon to see if he had received my Private inspection report and he said he was meeting with the Carpenter tomorrow morning at 7:30am to go over it and also to look at a few other things which he had found himself.

Maybe I am gullible but I do like my SS. He seems to be quite honest and makes himself freely available. I will forgive him for not contacting me for the first couple of weeks given that he was off work with a slipped disc and just hope that he does the right thing by me.

He said he would call me later in the week to update me on things.

I've just been advised that I have to be out of the house I am living in by the end of October. There is no way my house will be finished by then so I may have to pitch a tent in the back yard of my block until the house is ready lol - then I could really keep an eye on things.

Keep you updated


  1. Went past your house on Tuesday Kylie, and the guttering was on!!!

  2. Thanks for the up date Janine. I haven't been down to the block for a fortnight. I just logged onto the mymetricon to get an update and it said the guttering was complete and roof had started. When I was speaking to my SS the other day he said things would just fly along - I am hoping this is true. Think I will take a trip down there Saturday afternoon to have a look.