My First Home

My First Home
Santorini 26 by Metricon

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick update

Had a call from my SS last night to say electrician had been in and completed his work and that the brick work was half done.

Lock up has been moved to next week as all this rain has slowed the brickie down. The lock up carpenter is coming in on Friday to put the external doors on and he thinks lock up will be middle of next week with plaster work starting at the end of the week.

This weekend will probably be the last time I get into the site as after lock up I will be looking through windows unless I make an appointment to see my SS (SS in pretty fussy about going on site without permission).

Will post some photos Sunday.


  1. Woo Hoo Kylie, Perhaps I should meet you down at your house on Sunday at 2.30, then we can go for coffee afterwards, how does that sound?

  2. Sounds like a plan Janine. I'll meet you there.

  3. Thats great Kylie. Should leave a window or two unclicked so you can still get in. lol.

    Are you getting an inspection for pre-plaster?

    Also just make sure the powerpoints are where you want them, especially in the bedroom. I put our on the plan behind the side dresser tables but they were put in each corner of the room.

    Wonder who will finish their house first?

  4. I'll race you Jay!

    Though you started a month ahead of me so I would expect you'll be in first.

    Yes inspection for pre plaster happening next week.