My First Home

My First Home
Santorini 26 by Metricon

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Heating installed

Took an early drive down to the block this morning to see what has been happening.

The roof is finished and is looking great. Seems to change colour depending on the time of day, as you can see below it is not looking as dark as it did the other day.

I now have a wirliebird, a solar panel and an antenna. Inside the heating unit has been installed as has the gas and water.

Rob my SS has been true to his word and called me on Monday night to let me know what was going on. The house will be wrapped on Monday 17th, bricking will start Tuesday and if you can believe 'myMetricon' it is due for completion 23rd August. Things just seem to be flying. Rob said he is going to do all he can to have me in before the Christmas break which is December 10.

I checked all of the points that appeared on my independent inspection and from what I can see they seem to have been attended to.

Hopefully next week I will have some brickwork to show you.

Solar panel and antenna now up. The roof is looking a lighter grey than it was when I photographed it last weekend. I can't wait to see how it all comes together when the brick work goes up

I was thinking that the Alfresco dining area was looking rather small but now that I can see it in real life it's looking good.

Internal fittings, the yellow pipes are the gas, purple is the re-cycled water and black is normal water, electrical still to be done.

Plumbing in main bathroom. Shower on left, bath on right. Vanity will be in between.


  1. Wow Kylie, it is flying along now. So exciting for you - it may be Chrissy drinks at your place after all!!! We met with Reinsey & Loz yesterday - fantastic couple!!! Can't wait to meet you as well. Speak soon.

  2. Thanks Janine

    I so wish I could have been there yesterday. I'm looking forward to meeting you all. Perhaps next time. Will be going down to the house next Sunday if you would like to catch up for a coffee.

  3. Hi Kylie,
    Now that we know which house is yours, we went for a quick drive by yesterday (after our fantastic coffee with the lovely Janine, David & Megs). Your roof is really something!!!

  4. Thanks Reinsey. I was looking at it this morning and thinking tha it's high pitch makes it look HUGE. I'm a little worried it will look all roof and no house.