My First Home

My First Home
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another week goes by

So it's Sunday and after a lovely brunch at the Middle Park Hotel it was down to the house to check things out and see what went on this week.

The back yard is lovely and tidy now however, there are two pallets of bricks sitting there just begging for me to do something with them.

The neighbour at the back has moved in despite no fences being up (the developers must not be too fussed about this) and there are heaps of houses just about ready for hand over. It is really getting exciting.

Looking at the house seemed that not too much had happened this week however, the cladding has been put on the front of the house, the down pipes are on, cornices are on and a few doors have been hung. There was also a big sticker on one of the windows saying that the garage had been measured for the roller door. There still seems to be so much to do and I can't see it being finished in 8 weeks. Here's hoping cabinets will be in next week and painting begun like the SS said.

More photos next week.

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  1. Who's a lucky girl?
    It looks like a real house. And those bricks...mmwwwwaaaaaaa Very very nice!