My First Home

My First Home
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Brick Work Completed Insulation Begun

Well I know I've been a bit slack with updating my blog however there really has not been much to report on in the last two weeks.

I went for my regular Sunday drive down to the house this morning to see the progress and was happy to see that the bricking (apart from a few bricks above the garage) is complete. They are still to be cleaned and they are a bit patchy but that will change as they dry out. I was a little concerned when I went down last week as there were great patches of darker brick. Janine (one of my new neighbours) and I had come to the conclusion that they were quite damp having sat in water for the past three weeks. I am happy to say that a check with my SS and a visit today confirmed that this was the case. As you can see from the photos below the patches are less noticeable as they start to dry.

Last week when I was down there the house was locked and I therefore was unable to get in to check that all the lighting and power points were in the correct places. I am glad to say that this weekend some kind person left a door unlocked and I was able to get in for a bit of a look.

Insulation has begun in preparation for plastering which will start at the end of this week. The rain has put us a week behind which I am not happy about.

I'm glad I was able to check as the lighting in the dining room is in the wrong place so I guess it is an e-mail to my CSC to get this rectified before plastering begins.

The framework for the cavity doors in the sitting room has also been added and I must say I think it is the best bit of carpentry in the house so far. I also noticed that there was a check list from the Building Inspection tucked in to one of the frames. I had a little look and it was nice to see that each one of them had been completed and marked off. (There were only 5 this time).

Until next week here's a few photos.

This photo was taken a week ago. You can see the darker brick at the bottom of the wall. Compare that to the one below. You can see that the darkness has shrunk as the bricks have begun to dry.

Insulation has begun. I also noticed that the lock up carpenter had been in and has planed away and or nailed little pieces of wood to different parts of the frame in preparation for the plastering so that there is no bowing in the walls. (There was a lot to do).

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  1. Great progress Kylie, what a pity it wasn't open last week, never mind, there will be plenty more opportunities I am sure. Love the scrapping room above :)