My First Home

My First Home
Santorini 26 by Metricon

Friday, September 17, 2010

Anyone want to buy some bricks?

Spoke to my SS this morning about a number of different things (no issues) just getting info on when would be best time to get the fencing done, and the cross over changed etc. He mentioned that there were a lot of bricks left over (a bit of a worry there, did they forget to do something?) and he was kind enough to tell me that they are all mine, why thank you, and just how many are there? I guess I will see when I go down to the house this weekend. My neighbour tells me that people sell them on e-bay all the time so maybe I will do that.

On a better note I was able to get out of him a finish date for the house. Seems I am looking at 60 days from now for the house to be finished! That makes it the middle of November!!!!! I said to him I would plan on the first week in December as I don't want to get too excited and then be let down. Painting starts next week. It will really start to feel like a house once that is finished. Will post some photos Sunday night.

I'm waiting to hear back from the Rental Agent for the house I'm living in at the moment, she called yesterday saying that the Landlord has had a change of plans and would like to know if I wanted to stay on a little longer. I told her I wanted to have it for only another 6 weeks and she said she didn't think it would be a problem but would have to put it to the owner. Here's hoping that she agrees, it would make life a lot easier. Nevertheless I will continue to pack in case they don't like my terms.

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  1. I would keep the bricks Kylie. You can always make use out of them by building a BBQ area, letterbox etc or something else. They might come in handy.