My First Home

My First Home
Santorini 26 by Metricon

Friday, November 5, 2010

Nearly a New Home Owner

Well it's been a little while since I have blogged as I have taken a little time off and been to Queensland to catch up with family. Had a wonderful time but I'm home now and it's all go, go, go as I start packing ready for the big move.

It seems like things have moved a little slowly in the last couple of weeks as it often seems to with building. I had a call yesterday morning from my SS saying that all the flooring was now in and all that needed to be done was the splash back which was going in on Monday and the driveway which was being poured today.

He said he would be going through the house with his Manager next week to check everything (this is where they put those little red stickers all over everything). The facade will be fixed this week and then he will get the painters to come in and do their touch ups.

I didn't tell him that I went to the house on Tuesday, found it unlocked and let myself in to have a little look around. I really was not happy with some of the things I found. There were scuff marks on several walls including a deep scratch in the plaster, paint on brick work and windows, paint scratched on skirting, paint on my nicely stained bi part doors, fly screens that were not in properly because they were too big, blood all over one wall from someone who had obviously cut them selves and one window frame badly dented.

I've made note of all of these, taken photos and if they have not been picked up in the Metricon inspection I will point them out to my Private Inspector when we go through the house. It's better that these come from him than from me.

I also noted that there was a sign on the window saying that the house had been cleaned however I still thought it was very dirty. My SS advised me that he would be getting the house cleaned again next week before hand over.

He also said that they would be applying for the certificate of Occupancy on the 8th of November which is Monday. I thought they would have everything finished to do that however it must not be the case.

Also got a call today from the energy company saying that they were putting in the gas metre on Monday or Tuesday and connecting the gas.

Oh and I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I thought the garage door was the wrong is, however, this is my fault. I had chosen the darker door when I was having the original darker coloured paint work on the facade. When I changed the paint colours we had also talked about changing the colour of the garage door to the lighter one, it seems the colour consultant missed this and I did not pick up on it, my own fault but it is a lesson to any of you still in the contract stage to check things very closely. I'll live with it, 12 months down the track I will probably change the facade colour anyway.

So according to my SS I should be in my house some time between the 15th and the 20th of November. Keep your fingers crossed that this is true. If it is it will be Christmas Drinks at my house.

Keep you updated.

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