My First Home

My First Home
Santorini 26 by Metricon

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Floorboards Down, Wardrobes fitted

I know I said there would be no posts for a little while however I couldn't help myself. I had to go down to Baxter today and as the house is only a few short minutes out of the way I thought I would drop by and see if anything was going on.

The big pile of dirt is still down one side of the house and nothing yet has been done to the facade (I expect that will be another week away at least) however there was a guy there fitting out the wardrobes so I stopped to have a chat with him. He said to go on in as he had just completed the walk in robes and was about to start on bedroom 2. He will probably be finished tomorrow.

Master Robe Behind the door

I checked my drawings and I did not have a rail behind the door. He said he was not sure if there was meant to be one so he did it anyway, (I wont be paying for it) but it will be great as I can hang my shoes along here (not wide enough for hanging clothes).

This shot really does not give a true indication of just how big the robes are. This is every woman's dream. The lower rack is half again as long and there is plenty of room for storage boxes on top as well.

To my surprise the floorboards have gone down and I am really happy with them. There are a few boards here and there that are either a bit darker or a bit lighter however that is the nature of Tallowwood. I was advised the other day not to put a rug down for at least six months as it will darken up a little once the light gets on to it and if a rug is down it will leave patches. They have covered it with corrugated cardboard at the moment to stop marking.

Front Entry

Entry to rumpus room

Shower doors, taps and bath have now gone in as well. All that needs to be done to the bathrooms is the corking and a good tidy up. I am really happy with the pebble feature tile in the showers. Just needs some accessories to the rooms to add that oomph and it will look great.

Main Bathroom

En Suite

Pebble Feature Tile.

The next two major things to be done will be the carpet and the driveway which can't be too far away now. Then it will be just the little things here and there. Hopefully by this time next month I will be just about in. Fingers crossed.


  1. Oh Kylie, it is looking absolutely wonderful, its a pity about the hold up with the facade, but you should start thinking about packing up now, I am sure you will be in by the end of November. Cant wait to see it!!!

  2. Just had a call from my SS Janine, he hopes to have me in the house as early as 11 November. I think he may be a little optimistic. Carpets going down tomorrow. Drive and splashback next week. Then it's just the facade to fix which should take a day.

  3. *clapping* that floor of yours is stunning!!! Ditto on the bathrooms.
    11th November - that's like 2 weeks away.

    What sort of driveway are you having Kylie?

  4. I'm having a concrete stamp mat pattern driveway in an Ashlar Slate pattern. The colours are bluestone and charcoal. It's going to include a path from the driveway to the porch as well. The guy who is doing it has agreed to do my crossover as well.