My First Home

My First Home
Santorini 26 by Metricon

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I think I've made a mistake

Ever have an idea of how something is going to look and then once you see things come together wonder if you have made the right decision. That's how I'm feeling about my colour choices, more about that later.

The SS called me yesterday to ask if I would come down to the house and have a look at the tiling in the laundry. The tiler and he were not happy with what Metricon had specified should be tiled as they had only made allowances for tiles to be placed behind the laundry basin not along the bench. Because my wall tiles are large only 1.5 tiles would be needed. The tiler thought this would look silly and wanted to know, if there were enough tiles, would I like the whole bench to be tiled. Of course I agreed as I had wanted this all along but was told this could not be done. The tiler said that it was just Metricon staff being lazy, hmmm.

Anyway I took a couple of photos of the tiling in the two bathrooms. I was happy with the floor of the shower recesses as he cut the tiles on the diamond. I am however so unhappy that I chose the stupid shelving Beaumont tiles had as it really does not go. As my friend said people wont notice once you have your shampoo and soap on there but I will.

The garage door is on however I couldn't see it as it was open, will have to take another trip down on the weekend when they are not working and see how it looks.

Finally the biggest hmmmm. The paint colours. I love the greens I have chosen for the rumpus and the family room feature walls however the master is very strong and I really am having second thoughts about the external blue. I'm really starting to think that it is a little bit 'out there', the neighbours are going to have a fit. It really does not look like the colour on the paint chip, it looks a lot brighter. Will wait and see the completed product and decide what I am going to do, it may look better once the door is painted and the blinds are on the windows. Once the front is done I will put up a photo.

Anyway, below are a few photos for you to check out.

Main bathroom shower, tiles are still to be grouted. The tiler is a really lovely guy who takes pride in his work. He also had great things to say about my SS and said he loves working with him as he really has his act together. Metricon had the tiles for the main bathroom cut square however he had enough nounce to know that it's all about consistency and because the en-suite tiles were cut on the diamond he did the same for the main bathroom. I am going to make the room 'pop' with hot pink, bright orange and charcoal towels and bath mats. I will post a photo at a later date of my inspiration for this.

En-suite tiles, I'm really happy with the pebble and it will look great once the grouting is done.

Master bedroom. The colour is Dulux Slippery Moss however it is a really strong colour. This photo makes it look a little on the olive side, it is by no means olive. Will have to wait until carpet and furniture is in and then decide if I like it or not. Just was well I only got two walls done, four would have been a bit too much.

En-suite vanity and basin. I love the basin and rather than having two basins I wanted to make this a feature so that I could have some big glass jars or a vase on the side. I'm happy with this and happy that I upgraded the handles. I am having small charcoal tiles around the mirror and a large long light above the mirror (same in the master bathroom) Once again I will make the room 'pop' with the accessories I put in there. Colours here will probably be in a green the colour of celery.


  1. Colours look great Kylie, you will have to wait until you get your carpet, curtains & furniture in to get a better idea, it looks overwhelming because its the only colour in the room at the moment, so don't panic. Besides, it is only paint, and extremely easy to paint over if you really aren't comfortable with it. I haven't even started colour choices yet, so may be in the same boat in 6 months time!!! Nice to see some updated pics.

  2. *big hug* your colours look great. Love the green (but then I DO love green anyway). Love the tiles - and I didn't even notice the shelf at first - my eyes were drawn to that gorgeous feature strip. I reckon once it's all grouted and the massive masking tape bracing is removed it'll all just blend in.
    Re: the blue - could you ask them to stop, buy them a different colour paint and a slab or two for their trouble? Sounds like your internals are charcoal and green - could you take the green out to the facade as well?
    *another big hug*