My First Home

My First Home
Santorini 26 by Metricon

Thursday, October 21, 2010

One step forward two steps back

Met with my SS yesterday to go over what had been done in the last week or two and I wanted to speak with him about the front facade. Last weekend when I was there I noticed that the cladding on the right side of the facade was just over an inch narrower than the cladding on the right. It was only one sheet and it would not have really bothered me (I have looked at the facade dozens of times and never noticed before) but this is the sheet that my lights are going on and because the right is so much smaller my light does not fit. SS took a look and said it was not good enough, to leave it with him and he'd look into it further.

This morning I got a call from the SS to tell me that they will have to rip the facade out, re do it correctly and then re-paint it. He was wonderful about it and apologetic but it's going to be a couple of weeks before it's done as the contractor is on holidays. I'm just hoping that it does not hold things up as we were going so well.

A load of dirt has been dumped at the side of the house from from another site scrape on the estate. My SS arranged this as I need some dirt down the side and around the back so it helps the both of us out.

The deck has been finished as has the tiling. Both the outside and the wet areas inside still need to be corked however the SS has said they are finding it hard to find someone reliable to do this. My stone bench top went in on Tuesday (I'm very happy with it) and the shower screens, bath and toilets will be going in today or tomorrow. All that's left now are the wardrobe fittings, doors and the flooring.

I've decided to put the glass pendant lights I bought over the kitchen bench top. They don't do anything for the hall way and look a lot better over the bench tops. I will have quite a bit of electrical work to do after handover as I'm putting in a fan in the alfresco room, have all the outdoor lights to be done as well as a half a dozen lights inside to be wired in. I've also decided to put another power point in the laundry.

I'm not going to get down to the house for a little while now as I'm really busy over the next two weeks, hopefully the next time I have a blog update the floors will have started.

If anyone knows of a good curtain and blind place I would appreciate some feedback. Until next time here are a few more photos.


  1. Try Impact in Narre Warren. I think thats who Kylee chose to do ours and they were cheaper than Victory, etc.

    Not good with them having to rip the fascade out and redo it, as it is further delays that you dont want. But best to have it done properly.

  2. Bummer Kylie, I wonder if they were hoping you wouldn't notice eh? They should have picked up on that and not waited until you mentioned it. Do you have a completion date yet?

  3. Looking goooooood! You've had such a great build compared to poor Jay.

  4. Hi,

    Can you tell me who built the Deck? In Brisbane at least, Metricon told us that they don't build decks... ?

  5. Metricon built the deck Robert. I am quite surprised they don't build them in Brisbane as it is one of the features of their outdoor rooms and if there was one place you would want to have an outdoor roomit would be Brisbane.