My First Home

My First Home
Santorini 26 by Metricon

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Three Months, Two Weeks, 3 days

Well this week there is not too much to report. Seems that very little was done this week. Perhaps all the rain is the cause for the painting not being completed. The painter has been working on it for 2 weeks now and still hasn't undercoated the front of the house. Just as well this does not hold up other work being done.

I couldn't get into the house as there was no one working on site so I could only peep through the windows. Love the job the tiler did in the laundry (sorry no photos) I'm hoping the bathroom and en suite look as good now that they are grouted.

All the locks are on the windows and the fly screens are on as well (I guess something was done) My bath has been delivered as I could see it sitting in the middle of the Master bedroom so I guess that will be going in this week. Dean said last week that the shower screens would be going in this week as well.

Have added some photos below.

Above: Garage door, I don't remember it being this dark when I chose it however I guess when I saw it at Studio M I was looking at it under bright lights and inside. Being against the lighter brick also makes it look a little darker.

Above and Below: This will give you an idea of the blue I have chosen and now you will understand why I am having my doubts about it. Friends keep saying that once I have my garden in and the different coloured foliage it will make it look completely different. I have to believe this.

Finally two of the three Metricon display homes opened on the weekend down at my estate. I dropped on to have a look at them. One is the Talbot and the other is the Santorini (my house) although I would not have recognised it. It had a huge butlers pantry, bi fold doors from the rumpus room onto the entertainment deck and the grand outdoor room. The bathroom en-suite was a little different to mine as well however I think they had to make the walk in robes a little smaller to have the bathroom the size it is. That is something I would not compromise on, robe space is important to me.

The lesson here I guess for anyone who is at the contract stage of building a house is to ask what your options are and when they tell you ask them 'is that all'. I had mentioned the butlers pantry and was told this was not an option with the Santorini, I also asked about having a bench right along the one side of the laundry and was told this could not be done. I have now learnt that you can do anything, it just takes $$$.


  1. So true, at the end of the day, it's your house and you should have been allowed to add in any optional extras that you wished for. It's so annoying when people tell you NO instead of I can find out for you, purely because they don't know their stuff and it's easier to say no.

  2. There's nothing wrong with that blue Kylie. You had me imagining something horrible!!! Has the painter started on the facade yet??

  3. Facade is complete and to be honest with you I am liking it. I'm really liking the front door. Think it will look better once the drive and path are in and sone plants are in place. My sSite Manager has found someone to do my crossover for me $1000.00 less than what I was quoted so I'm a very happy girl.

  4. We were down there yesterday Kylie and the painters were painting your front porch and eaves, so its getting there now!!