My First Home

My First Home
Santorini 26 by Metricon

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Exterior Colour Change

Well for reasons I don't need to go into I have changed the Exterior Colour of the house. The brick colour is still remaining the same which is Austral Homestead Mushroom, however, the colour pallet is now in blues. The roof, guttering and down pipes are now in Colourbond Ironstone, the windows, eves and door trim in White. Cladding in Dulux Sellout, Front Door in Dulux Rainmaker, Eves, Veranda Lining, Portico Lining and Outdoor room ceiling in Dulux Lexcon Quarter (white).

No More changes!!!!!

I also got notice that due to developers regulations my house has to be sited another metre closer to the front of the block. Originally they had the portico 5 metres from the front however they have now been advised that it is the house itself that has to be 5 metres from the front of the block. Something I'm not too happy about as I presently live in a house that is twice that from the front and I like that distance from the street. Thankfully I think the new house will be on a quiet street with very little traffic apart from local traffic. I can only hope so.

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